[Syslinux-patches] [PULL] Fixes for HDT 0.3.4

Pierre-Alexandre Meyer pierre at mouraf.org
Sat Aug 22 15:50:17 PDT 2009

Hi Erwan,

  Please consider cherry-picking the three following patches on top of
my hdt-0.3.5 tree. Gert Hulselmans reported a few issues with error

b3514f90bf55e5a1f277cbcf83afa509b9d13acc is critical and should
really make into 3.83 (fixes a Qemu crash).

80726ee72df67c2c27ee8a58561e08a9cac30e9c and
6bc9a8305bca8c933da90481f536407b733b806f are slightly bigger since they
change the disklib errno interface for better error reporting. Your call
on these ones.

Pull request below.


Pierre-Alexandre Meyer

The following changes since commit
  erwan (1):
        hdt: 0.3.4

are available in the git repository at:

  git://git.zytor.com/users/pam/hdt-pierre.git hdt-0.3.5

Pierre-Alexandre Meyer (3):
      hdt: fix CLI crash when parsing unsupported geometries
      hdt: make get_error behaves like perror
      hdt: enhance error reporting in the CLI (disk)

 com32/gplinclude/disk/errno_disk.h |    3 ---
 com32/gpllib/disk/error.c          |    7 +++----
 com32/hdt/hdt-cli-disk.c           |   22 +++++++++-------------
 com32/hdt/hdt-common.c             |    7 -------
 com32/hdt/hdt-menu-disk.c          |    8 ++------
 5 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

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